Jim Countryman
Meet Jim Countryman

      Jim was born in Lake Arrowhead California in the San Bernardino Mountains in 1956. His parents moved to San Diego where he attended school in Santee California. After school at the age of eighteen he learned to weld in the shipyards in San Diego. Shortly afterwards he moved to Denver Colorado and joined the boilermakers union. He worked on power plants, oil storage tanks, and refinerys. After a divorce twenty years ago he moved to Sun Valley Idaho. He went to work for a small welding shop in Ketchum Idaho that specialized in building exclusive homes for the most prominent people in the world. They designed and built the structural portions, railing, and stairways, along with custom furniture and accessories for their homes. After that he decided to start his own business with a style to accommodate people with a taste for quality; people who wanted one of a kind pieces built to last that can't be found on any showroom floor.

      Presently he builds and designs out of a small studio in the country outside of Dietrich Idaho where they have no crime, pollution, or traffic. He likes to create objects that get a reaction from people either one way or the other, as long as they have a reaction. If someone were to walk by one of his creations and don't notice it, he would feel he didn't do his job. He likes to build and create objects that have a purpose such as lamps, tables, chairs, or anything that is functional. A lot of his inspiration comes from the women in his life, or people around him. At times things come to him while driving, in the shower, or fishing. The nice thing about being an artist is that sometimes a project can turn into something completely different than what it started out as; no guidelines. Look for more things to come in the future!

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