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We have been informed that several bogus and fraudulent schemes are happening as a result of the passage of the new health care reform law. Some are coming from telemarketers with a 1-800 number and others are going door to door trying to get you to buy a phony health insurance policy as required by the Federal Government.

They may try to tell you that, under the reform law you will need to buy new health insurance. The pitch may come by e-mail, fraudulent online ads, door-to-door, or by way of pushy telemarketers. Please be aware that the new law does not take effect until 2014, requiring everyone to be covered by health insurance. The rules for this mandatory coverage have not been completed as yet.

If you have any questions about an offer that seems too good to be true, please contact us at Baker Insurance Agency, Inc., as it probably is not true. Contact by phone, at 208-934-4495, fax, at 208-934-0959, or by e-mail at

We offer Health Insurance Policies through carriers that have been in business for many years and will still be around when you need them. We also offer Long Term Care, Medicare Supplements, and Medicare Advantage Policies. Please contact Baker Insurance for all your insurance needs.