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graindrill (42K)
LL247A John Deere 14 foot Press Wheel Drill
Used to plant wheat, barley, and new seeding alfalfa.

swather (12K)
1014 Hesston "Hydro Swing" 14 foot Swather
Used to cut and windrow our alfalfa hay.

wheelrake (15K)
RP 10 Sitrex 10 Wheel Rake
Used to rake two small windrows of hay or straw into one large windrow.

beanplanter (16K)
6 Row John Deere Bean Planter
Used to plant 6 Rows of beans with the rows being spaced 22" apart.

cultivator (23K)
6 Row John Deere Cultivator
Used to cultivate weeds out from between the bean rows. Also used to "hill up" the rows to aide cutting in the fall.

beancutter (21K)
6 Row "Bowman Made" Bean Cutter
Used to cut and windrow 6 rows of beans into 3 rows that our bean combine can pick up and harvest.

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