Country Daze

Night one

      Laying in bed watching TV. Mirror shimmering; wavery looking. Two inch diameter glowing circle appears in lower left corner of mirror half on the mirror half on the wallpaper. It was there I know because I saw it plain as day. I walk up to it and it fades like it was never there. I felt the wallpaper where it was at to see what it was. I was thinking maybe something was sprayed on with a template that just bubbled away and disappeared as it evaporated. I told whoever it was that did it that I liked it and told them they could stick around. I named the person Figmint. I said I hardly ever get any company. I talked a lot to them but they wouldn’t talk back. I told them I should invent a cookie called figmints. I knew they were there, I could hear them moving around, but I couldn’t see them. I could feel their presence . I heard a male voice say a few sentences low in the distance, like talking to someone else. I couldn’t hear what he said. I commented on it. I told him I never had a visitor I couldn’t see. I thought it was pretty neat. Then I heard the female voice. It was musical, low, enchanting. I told her I liked her voice.

Day one

      Saw people hiding in the trees. Heard kids under the house. Got gun and took a look around. Couldn't find them.

Night two

      Saw lights outside. Went outside to look and saw a number of flashlights approaching the house from all directions. Went back in my room. Thought it might not be real so looked outside again. Saw no lights. Went back to my room. Heard something in the house. Got up, turned on the spare bedroom light went into the living room and laid on the couch. As I went to the couch I noticed two dark clothed persons enter my room from the spare bedroom. I could hear a female talking to someone else and it seemed like they were going through my stuff. I could see someone in the shadows by the table in the living room. It sounded like he was taking pictures. I asked him if infrared pictures came out looking good, but he didn’t answer. I saw a dog in the shadows and heard him panting. My cat was laying next to me purring and I thought “how come my cat’s not scared”. I told the guy that a dog in the house will usually scare my cat and the dog must be well mannered. The guy was holding something that had four little red lights on it. It sounded like a noisy hard drive. I thought it might be some kind of tape recorder. There was something glowing stuck to the ceiling by the front door. It was thin and about three by five inches in size. I could hear them taking pictures in the room. The guy in the living room was still taking pictures, it sounded like roll after roll. They were still talking in the room and I heard a radio turn on at low volume. As daybreak was coming on I noticed all three of them in the living room. I was talking to them but they wouldn’t talk back. I looked away and when I looked back they were gone.

Day two

      They came back, this time to show me some neat stuff. I first noticed they were here when I saw the image being projected in front of the mirror. I could see both the image and the reflection of the image in the mirror. I looked all around trying to see where it was being projected from but couldn’t find it. Looking close, the image seemed to be about two inches in front of the mirror. It was sort of a wavy mirage, almost like rippling water. I kept asking how they were doing this, but they wouldn’t answer me. I finally decided they must be projecting it from behind the mirror. I asked them if it was corona from some sort of plasma discharge. They answered me by increasing the distance of the image about a foot from the mirror then bringing it back flush. The whole while I was looking at this up close from all angles. I wanted to see the device that was doing this real bad. I wanted to see if it was the size of the whole mirror or just a small projector. I also wanted to know how the device was powered. If it was plugged into my house or running on batteries. I went outside to see how they were getting at the back at the back of the mirror. I couldn’t see anything on the outside so I looked under the house. I couldn’t see anyone under there but I could tell there was a space about eight inches between the wall with the mirror and the outside of the house. I figured they must be getting at it from there. I went back to the room and I could hear them under the house. I saw a putty knife blade being pushed up between the sink and wall then pulled back. I looked under the sink and could really hear them good. There was also someone in the room. I turned around and caught just a fleeting glimpse of him leaving the room. I went to the door to see who it was and got there just in time to see him turning the swamp cooler on as he slipped outside. I didn’t bother trying to catch him because I knew I couldn’t, but I did turn the swamp cooler off. As I walked back to my room I saw through the door of the spare bedroom a hand reaching up tapping the window from the outside. I went to look out the window and noticed him just disappearing into the shadows of the trees. I went back in my room and laid on my bed. I looked up at the TV and noticed the controls were wavering and the sides of the VCR were folding out and changing like a kids transformer toy. It did this for about five minutes going through a whole series of shapes and button styles. I could tell it was a holographic image being projected from somewhere. I asked if I could see the projection devices. Two hands holding devices about the size of flashlights came into view outside the bathroom window. Before I could even get out of bed they dropped out of view. Then I saw an holographic image of a good looking blond woman standing in front of the sink. I could see her reflection in the mirror, and could also see the image was being projected from under the bed. I looked under the bed with a flashlight and saw a small person rolling out the other side from view. I couldn’t tell for sure if it was male or female, but I think it was female. She was wearing a light blue button down shirt and looked white. I tried to see where she went; there was nowhere to hide over there. I couldn’t find anyone but out of the corner of my eye I saw someone slip out of the room. I heard the swamp cooler turn on again. I went back out to turn it off when I heard a radio turn on in my room. It wasn’t my main stereo and it took a little while to figure out what it was. It turned out my clock had a radio in it. I’ve never used this radio and it took a little while to figure out how to turn it off. I figured when they got done playing their little tricks on me they would show me who they were, so I didn’t ask them to show themselves.

Night Three

      Everything was becoming more relaxed. I was looking out the window in the spare bedroom at a giant Canadian Thistle with a huge purple flower. I noticed a ball of light about four inches in diameter coming toward me in slow motion. I stepped to the side as it slowly passed by me. I saw that it came from a device about the size of flashlight that a man back in the shadows was holding. He pointed the device my way and I heard a clicking sound then a ball of light came my way again. I stood there and watched this happen again and again for about an hour. It was so totally cool I couldn't get enough of it. Finally I left and went to the front door and looked outside. The tumbleweeds were really overgrown. The weeds were so thick I could barely walk around outside. I heard a click come from around the corner of the house. I looked up and saw a ball of light slowly traveling up into the sky. After it got a few hundred feet in the air it became dimmer and then dissipated into nothing. Off in the shadows in the field in front of the house I heard another click, and saw another ball of light travel up into the sky. I could faintly see the outline of a man standing out there. Then another ball came from around the corner of the house again. It went back and forth for awhile. Finally my neck started getting stiff from looking up for so long. I walked up on the porch and watched for awhile longer. I knew I wanted one of the devices that made the balls of light. I decided to look on the internet to see where I could buy one. I couldn't find any reference to what I was looking for.

Day Three

      I was sitting on the couch in the living room looking through the window into the shop in the back. I could see back in the shadows a girl. She had rusty blonde hair and had freckles on her face. She was watching me. I wanted to talk to her and get to know her. She was quite good looking. When I got up to get a better look at her she stepped back further in the shadows so I couldn't see her. I was wondering how she got here. I got up and looked out the front door into the fields. About a quarter mile away next to a haystack I could see Partially hidden a car. It looked like it was a blue Buick. I thought if I went to where the car was I might be able to head off the girl before she got away. Before I could walk over to the car my mom came by for a short visit. After she left I walked over to where the car was but it was gone. I couldn't find any tire tracks.

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