Boat repair shop environment

  1. Bench tops always clean
  2. Bench tops not used for storage
  3. Three foot high peg board on wall behind benches
  4. Bins on shelf under benches to store the pending jobs
  1. Floors always clean
  2. Floors not used for storage
Parts counter:
  1. Parts counter always clean
  2. Parts counter not used for storage
  3. Microfiche always put away when done using
Service manuals:
  1. Service manuals put away after each job
  2. Service manuals wiped clean after each job
  1. Evaluations for new boats done first every morning
  2. After evaluations, work is done for authorized jobs that have parts ready
  1. Tools cleaned after every job
  2. Tools put away after every job
  3. Check to make sure no tools are missing after every job
  4. Check to make sure no tools are missing before leaving the shop

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