Required $50.00 Evaluation for all boats and motors.

Motor not running:
  1. Check compression on outboards (sterndrive & inboards $25.00 extra)
  2. Check ignition
  3. Check fuel system
  4. Check gear lube for water or metal particles
  5. Check rectifier
  6. Check battery
  7. Check steering system
  8. Check remote control system
  9. Check prop shaft & prop
Motor running in test tank:
  1. Check water pump
  2. Check fuel pump
  3. Check shifting
  4. Check idle in gear
  5. Check charging system
  6. Check for acceleration bog
  7. Check cut-out switch on sterndrives
Logging the information:
  1. Enter all information for boat, motor, and trailer on work order
  2. Enter information on work order into computer
  3. Create parts estimate on computer
  4. Create labor estimate on computer using Spaders flat rate
  5. Print the estimate for parts and labor

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