Poetry by Tom Young of Dietrich Idaho

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Human Been
Emotional Withdrawals
Center of my Universe
Allusion Elusion Solution
Way Lay
Early Scare

Center of my universe

My universe does revolve around the Earth,
Take a look, you'll see.
It's you!
You're what makes the world go round,
everything that revolves.
You're the focus on my mind,
where all my thoughts evolve.
You're the light that guides my way,
to make it through the day.
You're the center of my life,
that makes it all go round.


Human Been

Time been
the seasons reasons
making trees green

Time being
human being
making trees his nest

Time come
human done
trees gone



She was sitting on a tuffet
when I spied her
I sat down beside her
and scared her away

I really liked her
but I think I psyched her
I only wish
I never spied her


Emotional Withdrawals

Going to the emotion bank
to make a love withdrawal
when the teller tells me
my love is overdrawn

I thought I had a balance
to last me through my life
but on my double checking
I saw where she was right

My error was in thinking
my account was still intact
when all it amounts to
is an overdraft of love


Allusion Elusion Solution

I have come to the conclusion
with no illusion
the entire delusion
was due to confusion
about a most real hallucin

Which led to the deduction:

The reduction in production
is because destruction of construction
had no objection
to the subjection
of no protection



Mussels rubbed round and round
spinal tingling up and down
lumbar, thoracic, cervical

A carnal delight
for me tonight
mesmerize, fascinate, captivate

Soothing words
that I heard
passion, desire, hunger

My greedy heart aches
for more of late



Pitter patter
see mice scatter
as I open the drawer

Mouse trap
didn't snap
like it did before


Way Lay

Predators hiding in the shadows
laying in weight
with predisposed plans
to make you their prey


Early Scare

Lets terrorize baby.
Make him think he's in a cradle in a tree top,
swinging in the wind.
Hanging from a brittle bough ready to break,
moments from falling to the ground,
cradle and all.


Lovely Day

Here you are once more,
you've come to visit me again,
with all the gloom you bring,
and misery you bestow,
upon the gray despair,
of the awful life I bear,
oh how I loath what I've become,
I only wish you'd stay away,
not to come another day,
life is a game, it's always the same, it never ends


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