Asparagus Chowder Soup Recipe
Asparagus Chowder Soup

Asparagus Chowder Soup

One pound of bacon
Two red onions
Three tablespoons margarine
Five cups water
Four medium red potatoes (peeled and cubed)
Four cups milk
One and one half cups buttermilk pancake mix (from bulk bin at store)
Two pounds steamed asparagus cut into three inch lengths
Salt to taste

Cut bacon into one inch pieces and cook in a large pan.
Add chopped onion and margarine.
Sauté over medium heat stirring often.
Add water and bring to a boil.
Add chopped potatoes and cook until tender.
Add pancake mix and milk to a jar and shake well.
Turn heat up high and slowly add milk mixture while stirring.
Keep adding milk mixture until soup is thickened to desired consistency.
Once thickened add steamed asparagus.
Remove from heat and salt to taste.

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