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Adonna Boyer

Silver Creek Racing Association

      The Silver Creek Chariot Racing Association was formed in 1975 when a group of local racers wanted to run chariots at home instead of having to travel to Jerome, where the closest association was located.

      The chariot racing season always begins at the end of December and runs through the end of February when the qualifing teams from the club head to the state and world championship meets.

      Silver Creek is the only chariot racing association in Idaho that has miniature horse teams competing against each other on the track. Two young girls, Adonna Boyer and Darcy Hiatt, started the competition in 1999 and they both continue to run miniature horse teams in Richfield. Each year new drivers have joined the assoication with their own mini teams. Monty Johnson, the grandson of Frank and Vicky Johnson - long time Silver Creek members, has two mini teams he now races in Richfield.