Richfield Idaho Outlaw Day

      Outlaw Day has been an annual event in Richfield since 1954. It began as a fund-raiser to build a swimming pool for the city but the project proved too costly and was soon dropped, however the Outlaw Day festivities continued on.

      In 1955, the Richfield Outlaw Riding Club was formed and is still active today. Riding club members, along with the community, organize and promote Outlaw Day on the second Saturday in June each year.

      The day begins with a community breakfast sponsored by the Richfield Quick Response Unit, the parade down Main Street, arena events held at Reynolds Field east of town, mud bog races, and then the crowning of the Outlaw Day Queen and Princess at the Legion Hall Dance.

      Throughout the years, Outlaw Day has changed very little. And despite the years with dwindling members in the Riding Club, poor attendance at the arena, miserable weather all together, it continues to draw crowds from all over the Magic Valley as well as providing past residents of Richfield a reason to come back and visit old friends.

Outlaw Day

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