Recycled Wood
Reclaimed lumber, salvaged lumber, and old wood.

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Longleaf Salvaged Lumber
Salvaged lumber from antique Heart Pine beams and decking. Reclaimed lumber is unique in its visual character and density, and each building comes with its own history.

Mountain Reclaimed Lumber
Full line of old wood products including historic granary oak, antique oak, russian oak, chestnut, and yellow pine.

Old Wood Salvaged Lumber
Recycled wood support beams, rafters and planks from early American structures such as factories and barns. Much of this salvaged lumber is now nearly extinct from natural resources.

TerraMai Reclaimed Wood
Old-growth beams taken from 19th century barns and exquisite antique rosewood. All products are old wood reclaimed from previously used buildings and structures.

Vintage Timber Recycled Lumber
Recycled lumber, beams, timbers, and antique reclaimed wood from the dismantling of aniquated structures.

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