Four Person Wood Checkerboard Chess Board Card Table

Larry's Woodworking
288 South 950 East
Dietrich Idaho 83324
(208) 544-7509
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Black Walnut and White Oak Chest | Sun Valley Wood Box
Hand Decorated Folding Wood Table
        Checkerboard / chess board on the top made of maple and black walnut. Chess pieces are all hand carved of black walnut and maple. 3 inch high kings. 1 1/2 high pawns. Ten inch drawers have dovetails on front and back. Walnut on the front of the drawers. Maple on the sides of the drawers. 108 wood screws and 60 3/8 wood dowels used in making card table. Polyurethane Finish. All the wood was grown in Jerome Idaho.

Card table checker board

Checkerboard chess board table

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